Current Articles of Interest

1)  A recent edition of the journal American Psychologist (May-June 2009, vol. 64, no.4) has an article entitled Can Imagined Interactions Produce Positive Perceptions? Reducing Prejudice Through Simulated Social Contact by R. J. Crisp & R. N. Turner.

2) A recent edition of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (Vol. 95, No. 5) has an article entitled Open Hearts Build Lives: Positive Emotions, Induced Through Lovingkindness Meditation Build Consequential Personal Resources.

 3) A recent edition of the jounal The Humanistic Psychologist (Volume 37, No. 2) has an article entitled Mindful Awareness, Mindsight, and Neural Integration written by one of my favorites, Daniel Siegel.

3) For more on imagination, see my youngest brother’s website and an article entitled The Past and the Future of the Universe.

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