Working With Dreams

Take a moment and think about what you dreamt last night. Take one image from your dream and consider your associations to that image. What is the most pressing issue in your life right now? If the image could speak to you, what would it say about this pressing issue in your life?

You need not reflect at length. Simply make a note of your thoughts and come back to them later.

If you don’t remember your dream, close your eyes for a moment. Allow an image to appear. Trust that it arises from the subjective world of your psyche just as surely as your dreams. Ask yourself about your associations to this image. If that image could speak to you right now, what would it say?

Dreams can offer us invaluable insights into the stream of experiences flowing through our lives. We are often so distracted by the demands of the teaming world around us that we shake off our slumber without pausing to let the images linger.

One of the best antidotes for this is to leave a journal by the side of your bed. Before you go to sleep, give yourself the mental suggestion that you will remember your dreams in the morning, long enough to jot them down.

In the morning, write the images down quickly — barely moving, as if that will disturb the images, and perhaps even writing in the dark. Rest assured, it will get easier.

Spend some time during the day communing with the images and allowing your associations to float through your mind and make connections. Forgive yourself gladly, if you can’t do it right away. You will be able to do it. And you’ve made a good start.

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