New Year”s Blessing



Mother and child dance

As you enter 2014 and make some resolutions for the new year , I highly recommend a book by Stephen Levine entitled Becoming Kuan Yin as an anchor for being called to your true nature. Here are a few quotes from the book that I would like to share as a New Year’s Blessing:

“When the heart and mind are in harmony, they produce a song. It is life calling from cell to cell.”

“It is a love song, of course, which when sung changes everything.”

“In the meantime, sing all the songs you can until you find your own. And when you do, let it vibrate the heart-mind like a giant pipe organ in an ancient cathedral.”

“Wishful thinking leaves us wanting. But one breath at a time we can recall the song, hear the flute, smell the rose. One breath at a time we can take birth at last and complete the rondo.”

“First it resonates in the vaultings of the heart, but soon it breaks free of all constraints and my song becomes the song that sings itself.”

May your song resonate deeply within you and burst joyously from your heart singing itself into the world as your unique blessing for the coming year and always. May you be peaceful and free from suffering and the cause of suffering. May you be happy, safe and may you live with ease. May you be filled with vibrancy and lovingkindness for yourself and for all beings.

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