The Creative Dance of Mindfulness and Depth Psychology

Kwan Yin Rain

Please join me at the beautiful campus of Pacifica Graduate Institute on April 9th -12th, 2017 for this retreat! I am co-facilitating this retreat with Radhule Weininger!

I would really love to have you with us! A brief description may be viewed below and if you click on the following link, you will be led to a more detailed description and an opportunity to register:

The Creative Dance of Mindfulness and Depth Psychology

With Juliet Rohde-Brown and Radhule Weininger

For those new to mindfulness meditation and/or depth psychology as well as those who with personal and clinical experience

This contemplative retreat introduces mindfulness and compassion-based meditation practices in the context of depth psychology. Self-compassion expands one’s capacity to directly face ego-driven tendencies as well as what depth psychology refers to as shadow aspects of the self. These practices also nourish the ability to care for others and to open to forgiveness.

Juliet and Radhule will offer brief dharma talks and experiential exercises to open participants to creative processes of self-discovery. Interactive discussions will also be included on topics that bridge centuries-old practices of mindfulness with depth psychological considerations, such as: the intersubjective field, complexes, archetypes, dreams, and the transcendent function. Further, participants will be invited to consider what mindfulness means and explore concepts of self/Self and no-self in individual and collective contexts.

Join Juliet and Radhule for this contemplative and practice-based retreat.

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