The Pacifica Experience: Under the Breadfruit Tree Presentation March 3rd

Please join us on Saturday, March 3rd, for an information day at Pacifica. I will be the featured speaker that day and the title of my talk is Under the Breadfruit Tree: You Already Know Why You’re Here!

Many of us recall that we were moved to ask some important questions about the meaning life while we were children. Often such questions emerged from the kinds of numinous experiences that occurred while interacting with nature. Embedded in these experiences is a seed that nurtures what may later be recognized as a calling to purposeful work in the world and to belonging to a community of individuals that honor implicit ways of knowing and what Jung has referred to as the mythopoeic imagination. The seed of calling may have escaped conscious awareness or may have been cultivated all along. Either way, when people arrive at Pacifica’s door, they are often drawn here because psyche nudges them into a fuller “remembrance” of “why” they came. In this talk, Juliet Rohde-Brown, Chair of the Depth Psychology: Integrative Therapy and Healing Practices specialization offers an example of one of her first important non-human relationships, that with a breadfruit tree on the island of Oahu. She does so as an invitation for attendee’s reflections on calling and on the integrative and restorative nature of responding in a way that is uniquely one’s own.

Here is the link for more details and registration:

The Pacifica Experience



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