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A Symbol of Remembrance

  On this Memorial Day

Gifts of Life

gifts of life

MLK Day: Holding the Dream

“I have a dream..” Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sacred Earth!about/c24cg

May You Be Peaceful

  May you be peaceful

“I Forgive You”

Please see the NY Times article entitled “I Will Never Be Able to Hold Her Again. But I Forgive You.” Role models of lovingkindness and compassion. If only the entire world could show this kind of grace in the face of heinous acts and the suffering that the violence and hatred in this world […]

In Memoriam

  “On a branch Floating downstream A cricket singing.” Issa

A Reflection on Nonconsensual Sex and Silence

  A Reflection on Non-consensual Sex, Trauma, and Silence When we experience a trauma, particularly an interpersonal one, we are often left without words to describe our experience. When our body boundary, our sense of self, is overtaken by another, our sympathetic nervous system automatically reacts into fight, flight, or freeze. As Peter Levine expresses […]

Sending Love on Valentine’s Day

  Sending love to all on Valentine’s Day!

A Forgiveness Ritual

I recently posted this proposed Forgiveness Ritual on a site for a group I am involved in at, as it was requested of us to contribute something utilizing Ed Bastian’s conceptualizations around interspiritual meditation, ritual,  and/or other practices. I thought I would post it here as well. Enjoy! A Proposed Interspiritual Ritual for Working […]

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