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Turning Point Foundation

I facilitated a training workshop at the Turning Point Foundation on June 15th and I wanted to share the link to this wonderful organization with you. Here it is:

Coco’s Jungle

Jungle by Claudia (Coco) Rohde I just had to share my 7-yr-old niece’s painting with you. It is her impression of a jungle.

A Recommendation

I recently had the pleasure and honor of attending an open house at the Santa Ynez Valley Therapeutic Riding Program (H.E.L.P). I was quite impressed with what is happening over there and I wanted to share it with you. I will quote from their brochure: “The HELP program involves therapists and horses in an experiential […]

Walk for Thought

This coming Sunday is the 4th Annual Statewide Walk for Thought. We have a team called “John’s Team.” This walk helps support awareness about brain injury and brings funds to the Brain Injury Association of California. Several of us will be at the Oxnard High School location on Sunday. Please join us, if you like. […]

Mbuti Exhibit at Antioch University Santa Barbara

Mbuti_exhibit_flyer_FINAL[1] Please join us at Antioch University Santa Barbara for an opening reception for the beautiful photographic exhibit “Mbuti: Children of the Rainforest.” The Mbuti are one of the oldest indigenous people of the Congo Rainforest region of Africa and their very existence is being threatened. This exhibit, which will be up through the end […]

Emotional Pathways Guests

The guest this week on Emotional Pathways at is psychotherapist and author of Becoming a Wise Parent for Your Grown Child, Dr. Betty Frain. She speaks about Parenting the Adult Child. To find out more about Dr. Frain visit or or Next week’s guest is Dr. Steve Kadin, who will speak […]

Dr. Fred Luskin This Week

This week, I am happy to have Dr. Fred Luskin as my guest on Emotional Pathways ( As many of you know, he is the co-founder of the Stanford Forgiveness Project and the author of Forgive for Good and Forgive for Love. He has done tremendous work throughout the world in fostering forgiveness. See […]

December Line-up for EMOTIONAL PATHWAYS Web Radio Guests

Please welcome our guests for this month on my show EMOTIONAL PATHWAYS. The line-up is as follows: Week of December 6th Beautiful Confidence at Your Core** Our guest this week is Miriam Franco, PsyD, MSW, MSCS. The focus of our discussion is particularly on women and on building a sense of inner worth. Dr. […]

Socioeconomic Sensitivity

As we move through this “holiday” season and into 2011, approximately 800,000 people are being cut off from unemployment benefits. We are going to be witnessing many heart-wrenching stories. There will be those who lose their homes, their vehicles, and worst of all, their sense of hope. While extreme poverty on this planet calls our […]

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