I just returned from a Stillpoint grad gathering in the Highlands of New Hampshire. The leaves were bright orange and the air was brisk. It was the perfect setting for walks, meditation, and reconnecting with a wonderful group of heart-centered people in the healing professions. We had a night of song and play to honor esteemed teacher, Meredith Young Sowers. I wrote a song a couple of years ago for her that I performed. It is called Ode to Meredith: Echoes of the Stillpoint. I would like to share the words with you:

We gather in circles stilling our hearts
We’re reminded to stay steady
Steady we stay

Light then surrounds us and enters our hearts
To unite us in our purpose
To love without doubt

A song is created from the echo of our hearts
We sing to our vision
Of healing our world

And this song, it glides on the breeze
This song, it echoes through the trees
Our love unbinds us, sets us free
To be the light that we are

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